XJ129PRO型棉结和短绒率测试仪的应用 - 各期目次 - 中国纺织器材信息网

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  茜,金  波,刘军民
(咸阳纺织集团有限公司 一分厂,陕西 咸阳713100)
摘要:为了控制棉结和短绒,解决传统检测方法不稳定、检测速度慢等问题,在介绍XJ129PRO型棉结和短绒率测试仪的特点、组成和工作原理的基础上,通过应用该仪器按周期测试半成品棉结、机台间棉结差异等数据对比,分析掌握棉结和短绒变化趋势、查找落后机台,从而优化工艺、正确磨针和针布选型,结合实际使用阐述该机对环境的要求和自身存在不足。指出:XJ129PRO型棉结和短绒率测试仪能客观量化生条、熟条质量,可取代手工目测棉结测试法和罗拉分析短绒测试法,为原料选配、工艺优化、设备维护保养等提供数据支撑;使用时应保证测试环境温湿度相对稳定,外来测试样品需要在测试环境中平衡12 h后测量;应改进仪器测试精准度及校调难度,进一步为提升产品质量、降低生产成本提供指导。
中图分类号:TS103.62      文献标志码:B      文章编号:1001-9634(0000)00-0063-04
作者简介:邓  茜(1989—),女,陕西临潼人,主要从事棉纺工艺研究及管理方面的工作。
Application of the Neps & Staple Content Tester XJ129PRO
DENG Qian,JIN Bo,LIU Junmin
(The 1st Branch of Xianyang Textile Group Co., Ltd., Xianyang 713100,China)
Abstract:In order to control neps and staple content,and to solve the conventional problems of instable and slow test speed,introduction is made to the characteristics,composition and working principle of the neps & staple content tester XJ129PRO.Data difference is analyzed for the result of the comparison of the periodical test of the neps and staples of semi-finished product and the product from different machines,consequently,the changing trend of neps and staples is investigated and the laggard machines are located,further to optimize the process,correct grinding of needles and selection of card clothing.Considering the actual environmental requirements,the shortcomings of the tester are analyzed.It is pointed out that the neps & staple content tester XJ129PRO can objectively quantify the quality of the carded sliver and the combed sliver,and can be a substitution for manual visual testing of neps and roller analysis staples,providing data support for raw material selection,process optimization,equipment maintenance and so on.The tester should be used in an environment with stable humidity and the samples should be conditioned for at least twelve hours before testing.Something must be done in further improvement of the accuracy and calibration difficulty of the tester for improving product quality and reducing production costs.
Key Words:tester XJ129PRO;neps;staple content;noil rate;quality of carded sliver



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